greedy: notes from a bisexual who wants too much, by jen winston

someone writes the essay book of queerness they wish they’d had available when they were young and figuring things out. a very personal work, greedy will read like a high school friendship that you’ll decide may or may not continue past college. writing about her sexual encounters – both her at her best and her at some of her more embarrassing – her candor is refreshing even when it’s cringe. this work follows the author’s reflection on her life, with the cadence of each essay matching the decade of self discovery the story is currently progressing through. while this is a work of nonfiction, make no mistake this work is the story of the author’s sexual self discovery. a white author frustrated at the irony at her inherited privilege and how it makes her come across at times (it does), reading her reflections on herself as a teenager are a bit heartbreaking in their tenderness: who doesn’t want to coddle our inner 13 year olds and tell ourselves that it really is okay?

whether you end up liking the author or not, whether you end up thinking this book is good or not – the work still matters.

Greedy: Notes from a Bisexual Who Wants Too Much

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